The Avalon Marshes

The Avalon Marshes, a magical wetland landscape, lies at the heart of Somerset’s Levels and Moors. It is nationally important for its rich cultural heritage and diversity of wildlife, with Glastonbury Tor, the Isle of Avalon and some of Britain’s best wetland nature reserves.

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Wetland Wildlife

The Avalon Marshes is part of Somerset’s Levels and Moors, one of the largest lowland wetlands in Britain. It is internationally important for wildlife. See murmurations of starlings; listen to booming bitterns; be enchanted by colourful meadows; watch butterflies and dragonflies; and if you are very lucky glimpse otters at play.

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Meare Fish House in the landscape

10,000 Years

Inhabited since the end of the last ice age, the Avalon Marshes has slowly been reclaimed from the sea and bears the evidence of history. Ancient trackways crossed the marshes in the Stone Age; Iron Age dwellers built lake villages; Romans extracted salt; the medieval period saw the influence of Glastonbury Abbey; the industrial revolution brought canals and railways.

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Isle of Avalon

Mystical Glastonbury is reputed to be the ancient Isle of Avalon.  A thriving town it is home to Glastonbury Abbey and Glastonbury Tor, which looks out over the Avalon Marshes and beyond. Legends abound including King Arthur and his sword Excalibur, and Joseph of Arimethea and the Holy Thorn.

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Our nature reserves

Misty sunset

We have some amazing places for nature at the Avalon Marshes.  Find out more here, including information about dog walking on the reserves…

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Get on your bike

Cyclists and Tor

A great way to explore our flat lands, and we have circular cycle routes to guide you around our heritage highlights…

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History and Heritage

Glastonbury lake Village

The landscape here is unique with a valuable legacy of history and archaeology…

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Starling Murmurations

All the information you need to see the starling murmurations this winter…

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Upcoming Events

Young Wardens – Practical session at Shapwick Heath

Join Natural England National Nature Reserve Staff for some practical conservation tasks – helping with maintenance on Shapwick Heath NNR. Young Wardens is a group for 12-17 year-old’s wishing to take part in practical conservation activities or work towards the… Read more…

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Mother’s Day Sights and Sounds Guided Walk at RSPB Ham Wall on Sunday 19th March 2023

Join us on a walk around the reserve as we enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring, whilst learning more about the different birds and other wildlife which you can find at RSPB Ham Wall. Warm clothes and sturdy walking… Read more…

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