A magical landscape

Avalon Marshes Leaflet

Visitors to the Avalon Marshes now have four exciting leaflets to help them explore and enjoy this magical landscape.  The leaflets are:

  • A magical landscape – An  overall  leaflet about the Avalon Marshes
  • Fantastic family adventures – With ten terrific things for kids to do (and the top ten beasties!)
  • Wonderful wetland wildlife – Wonderful wetlands and seasonal highlights
  • Discover 10,000 years of history – Neolithic trackways to modern peat heritage

The leaflets are available at the Avalon Marshes Centre and are being distributed to local Tourist Information Centres, Cafes, caravan sites and other visitor destinations.
The four leaflets replace the ever popular but out of date Avalon Marshes leaflet which has been in use for many years. The need for the  new leaflets reflects the ever growing popularity and importance of the Avalon Marshes.

We would like to say a big thank you to Red Kite who have designed the leaflets, the many people who have supplied images, the project partners for their contribution and the local community for their help and ideas.

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