Let’s make the Tower Hide a reality

Tower Hide Open for visitors at Shapwick Heath


Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve lies at the heart of the Avalon Marshes which is part of Somerset’s Levels and Moors. Internationally important for its wildlife the reserve has extensive areas of reedbed and open water and attracts visitors from all over the world. Height makes a real difference to what you see and “Tower” hides are a great way of achieving this. However, there is a big BUT; budgets are shrinking. Natural England, who look after Shapwick, are having to work with ever tighter budgets.

How you can help

How then does one fund a much needed tower hide? Staff and volunteers sat down together and thought this through; “how about crowd funding?” was one of the suggestions and so was born this project to design, fund and construct a new hide at Shapwick Heath – and this is where you come in!

To find out more, including how you can help, follow this link.

News update 18 November – Natural England’s Simon Clarke was interviewd by Emma Britton on BBC Somerset’s Breakfast Show this morning – follow this link to listen (starts at 1 minute 24 seconds)


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