Neolithic technology

Decoy Track Neolithic

From early times people built trackways across the soft ground of the Avalon Marshes. These linked the dry “islands” such as Meare with the Polden Hills.  The design of these trackways varied and some were constructed of timber hurdles (a crisscross of woven branches). These were laid end to end on the soft ground.

Move forward to thousands of years and the nature reserves of the Avalon Marshes are a haven for those wanting to enjoy the wildlife and wonderful landscape of the area.  Lots of feet can turn the soft peat paths into a muddy quagmire.

Natural England, working with local company Coates English Willow, have overcome this problem by copying an old technology. The path to the popular Noahs Hide is well used and in the winter can be a bit muddy! Coates Willow have supplied and laid a continuous hurdle trackway to the hide. This has then been covered by wood chippings left over from management work on the reserve. The result, a firm sustainable trackway to the hide.

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Neolithic track detail

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