One swallow does not make a summer?

Swallows feeding

“One swallow does not make a summer” as the saying goes but the swallows have arrived and it certainly feels and sounds like summer in the Avalon Marshes. We have had warm, if not hot, Easter days with full sunshine. A trip onto the reserves will treat you to booming bitterns, busy marsh harriers, warbling warblers and singing thrushes. Not regulars here, but today saw five cranes overhead, there are reports the first hobbies have arrived, a visit to the scrape may let you see garganey who have just arrived from Africa.

Here at the Avalon Marshes Centre the café and craft shops have been busy. Cars pull up on a regular basis, bikes and binoculars and unloaded and people head off to explore our wonderful nature reserves.

Not ventured out yet? We hope to see you soon.

Photo with thanks to Lynne newton
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