The Avalon Hide is open

Avalon Hide Built Ham Wall


The RSPB’s Ham Wall National Nature Reserve is a great place to see wetland wildlife. However, it has lacked a raised and enclosed hide where visitors are protected from the weather but still have wonderful views. This has now all changed with the opening of the new “Avalon Hide”. This large, raised and cleverly designed hide opens up access to the northern area of Ham Wall.

Access to the hide is from the footpath which runs along the north side of the Old Railway Track. A new path takes the visitor through the reedbeds past an attractive copse to the impressive hide. The hide itself is on two levels, a lower open section with viewing screens all around and an enclosed tower section with glazed windows looking north over reed and water with the Mendip Hills as a backdrop; and what a view!

How did this all happen? The key has been funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund through the Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership scheme, combined with funding from the RSPB itself. Then add the other vital ingredient; lots of hard work by RSPB staff and volunteers and outside contractors.

To see where the hide is located visit the map of Ham Wall on the Avalon Marshes website.

Views from the Avalon Hide (Photos with thanks to John Crispin):-

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Avalon Hide view photograph John Cirspin

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