The Avalon Marshes

The Avalon Marshes

View towards Glastonbury Tor over reedbeds at Sharpham, Somerset, England, UK
Misty Tor & Reeds – Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

At the heart of Somerset’s Levels and Moors, lies an atmospheric area called the “Avalon Marshes”.  It is a vibrant, working Landscape, known for its rich Wildlife, Heritage and culture.

A Magical Landscape

Rich meadows, small woods, reed-beds, lakes, pools, scattered villages and isolated houses all contribute to to the evocative character of our Landscape. On a map it is criss-crossed in blue as a result of the myriad ditches, rhynes and waterways that have been dug to re-claim the land through the ages. At its heart lies the mystical Isle of Avalon with Glastonbury Tor standing sentinel.

Wonderful Wetland Wildlife

The Avalon Marshes is not only one of the finest remaining lowland wetlands left in Britain but is internationally important. Throughout the year the visitor may see Marsh Harriers, Bitterns and Great White Egrets; in spring the reedbeds come alive with the cacophony of bird song and in winter the star attractions are the massive murmurations of Starlings and flocks of wildfowl. Find out more about this Wonderful Wetland Wildlife.

Discover 10,000 Years of History

This area of the Somerset’s Levels and Moors has been constantly exploited, altered and managed by humans over the last 10,000 years leaving behind a uniquely rich archaeological Heritage, including prehistoric track-ways and lake villages, miraculously preserved in the waterlogged peat .

Escape and Explore

Sought out as a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and for their unparalleled access to wildlife, the Nature Reserves can be accessed by numerous paths, trails and hides. Throughout the wider area a network of footpaths, droves, lanes and cycleways gives good access whether on foot, bike or in the car.

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View of Tor across green fields

AMLP Jaqui Lethaby

Photo credits:
Kingfisher, Starlings & ducks – Lynne Newton
Girl with binoculars – David Tipling/2020VISION
Willows & Rhyne, Meare Fish House – AMLP Staff
Wetland crafts – AMLP Jaqui Letherby