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Winter light makes for wonderful light, a good time to be out with your camera. Walking to see the starlings late afternoon and this this view caught my eye! Always carry your camera with you when you are exploring the Avalon Marshes, lots to enjoy and remember.

Almost a perfect reflection?

Winter trees on an afternoon walk

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Recently we have been working on a fencing project for Natural England on the Canada Farm side of Shapwick Heath NNR. We put in a 30m stretch of post and wire fencing to help control the stock (mainly cattle) that are being used to graze this section of the site. We put in a series of 8ft posts by hand using a drivel and installed 2 box strainers to support the fence at the turning point and the end. We then strung the three strands of barbed wire and tensioned them using monkey strainers. Two volunteers, John and Julia from the Somerset Wildlife Trust, came out with us on the day – huge thanks to them for being a pleasure to work with and for helping us get the job done on time!

Text by Susie Robson, Avalon Marshes Apprentice.

Photo – Shayl Renyard, Avalon Mashes Apprentice.


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Members of the 815 Squadron’s 234 Lynx Flight spent a week working at Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Catcott Nature Reserves. They worked hard building a raised boardwalk through an area of wet woodland, helping ensure access for the public at any time of the year. Funding was provided by the Heritage Lottery Funded Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership.

Mark Blake, SWT’s Avalon Marshes Reserves manager, said:

“The Catcott complex of nature reserves are a series of semi natural habitats managed by the Trust, with some still under restoration. The reserves sit within a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest and are a mecca for wildlife such as otters, rare insects, amphibians and birds of prey. The Trust’s aim at Catcott is to maintain a favorable environment for the wildlife at the same time as providing access for the public to come and enjoy the reserves.”