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Avalon Marshes Leaflet

A magical landscape

Visitors to the Avalon Marshes now have four exciting leaflets to help them explore and enjoy this magical landscape.  The leaflets are: A magical landscape – An  overall  leaflet about the Avalon Marshes Fantastic family adventures – With ten terrific… Read more…

Canoe launch, neolithic beech tree, forestry commission

Launch that canoe!

In the past the reed swamp, bogs and mires of the Avalon Marshes were difficult to cross! Neolithic man  overcame this by constructing trackways. However, in the Iron Age the marshes  became far wetter and dugout canoes replaced these trackways…. Read more…

Bittern breakfast volunteers booming bird counting

Booming breakfast!

The reedbeds of the Avalon Marshes are nationally important habitat for the elusive Bittern.  In the spring the first “sign” of activity is the sound of heavy breathing! This is the male Bittern starting to build up its muscles to… Read more…

Swallows feeding

One swallow does not make a summer?

“One swallow does not make a summer” as the saying goes but the swallows have arrived and it certainly feels and sounds like summer in the Avalon Marshes. We have had warm, if not hot, Easter days with full sunshine…. Read more…

softrak, apprenticeship training, natural england, Shapwick

Softrak-ing Across Nature Reserves

Apprenticeship update by Shayl Renyard As part of my apprenticeship I received training to drive Natural England’s softrak on Shapwick NNR. The softrak was match funded through the Hertiage Lottery Fund (HLF) supported Landscape Partnership Scheme; the same scheme that… Read more…