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It’s that time again – the new quarterly newsletter from the Natural England Somerset team is out now.

Enjoy some light reading with your morning cup of tea (or coffee)…

Hear what the Natural England team have been up to on the reserve so far this year, wonder at the wildlife highlights, read this month’s article on the peregrine falcon and peruse the events section.

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The South West Heritage Trust continues work on the two replica buildings at the Avalon Marshes Centre through the sterling efforts of the ‘Hand on Heritage’ volunteer group. Coats of limewash have been applied to two sides of the Roman dining-room and to the gable ends of the Saxon longhall. Wattle and daubing is gradually filling in the gaps in the walls of the longhall and carvings have been added over the porches. A splendid new dragon atop the gable end will hopefully ward off evil spirits. The buildings will be open for guided tours on the Wild Day Out (23rd April) and a Viking re-enactment group will be in residence on another public open day on the 4th June. The buildings will also be open to the public on the Avalon Marshes Archaeology Day on the 23rd July.

You can read more about the work of Hands on Heritage volunteers at their blog “Avalon Marshes Hands on Heritage”.

Anglo-Saxon Hall carved dragon's head