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The Images of Avalon archive would like to scan images that you have to create a unique look into the life of the Avalon Marshes area. We’re looking for images of people, places, and landscape that show aspects of industry, agriculture, history, and social and domestic life.

The Images of Avalon is a community orientated multi-layer project focused on the landscape and cultural heritage of the Avalon Marshes area, and it includes:
Phase 1: ‘Then and Now’ – A photographic competition and exhibition of entries that will be included in the archive.
Phase 2: ‘Footprints from the past’ – To gather a collection of a digital of images to produce an archive for our website and public use.

The first phase of image collection was exhibited at Somerset Crafts centre during July 2014; the next phase is to gather images and oral accounts of the magic of the Avalon Marshes.

The images we collect will be documented and uploaded to our website allowing anyone who is interested in the Avalon Marshes to view them. They will enable people to visually explore the cultural diversity and varied history of this special landscape.
The collection will also be made available to all the partners and may be used in publications, educational, and promotional material for the benefit of everyone.

We also need volunteers to help with:
• Entering images and data onto the database and website
• Assisting with image collection and community events
• Image scanning and manipulation

If you would like to know more about the project and how you can be involved please contact:
Tanya Camberwell, The Community Heritage Officer at: or telephone 01458 860556.

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The world famous Glastonbury Lake Village provided the first clear evidence of the presence of Iron Age settlers in the Avalon Marshes when it was discovered in the early 20th Century. The wood from the buildings has been miraculously preserved in the waterlogged peat and survives to this day.

In the summer of 2014, a team of archaeologists dug several test pits and trenches to check the condition of the wood and to take samples for analysis.

This short film explains all and gives the first modern day glimpse of a the foundations of a lake village occupied from 300BC to 100AD.


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Butterflies, Birds and Bugs: Wildlife in a churchyard. This event was part of the festival and took place at Edington Church.

The 2014 Avalon Marshes Festival has been a huge success with most walks and tours fully sold out, talks almost packed to capacity and lots of positive feedback. We hope to see you again in 2015.