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As part of our digital vision for the Avalon Marshes, we are excited to share that we are currently in the process of updating our interpretation across the Avalon Marshes. This will provide visitors to the reserves with an overview map and some basic information about each location. The real magic will be delivered through digital interpretation. Each sign will contain a QR code which points to new interactive digital content which can be accessed through a visitor’s mobile phone. This can also be updated easily and developed to meet the needs of our visitors.  Look out for QR codes at Westhay Moor that will direct you to our 4G interactive guide and digital trails – more info here.

However, one of the key challenges to developing digital interpretation across remote nature reserves is the lack of power and internet connectivity, so we’ve been working to develop a stand-alone solar powered digital interpretation experience for our visitors at Catcott, which is more isolated than Westhay Moor.  This is delivered through a platform called Info Point.

What is Info Point?

Due to the poor mobile phone coverage in the location, visitors can still connect with digital content served by the InfoPoint. Info Point’s Solar-powered hardware allows Somerset Wildlife Trust to provide digital content even where a mains supply is not present and where mobile phone coverage is patchy. A battery provides back-up power when the solar panel is not receiving enough sunlight to ensure uninterrupted access.

Info Point is completely independent of the internet – it stores its own content and creates it’s own localised Wi-Fi network. This means visitors can use their own phone or tablet to connect and won’t incur any costs. However, Info Point does have the functionality to encourage and enable donations where appropriate.

What does it offer visitors?

Info Point delivers site-specific multimedia content to any mobile device. It rewards visitors for visiting because the stories and content we share through the Info Point are only available to those who come to our reserves.

Connecting to an Info Point is a simple two-step process. Visitors can then freely browse videos, audio, text, images and interactives without any downloads, logins or mobile data needed.

Visitors can use their smartphones to connect with information about the wildlife, landscape, a multi-media species-spotting guide, a webcam and interactive trails encouraging them to explore the reserve. The web cam has been particularly popular, offering a different perspective from the views they can access from the hide.

How do I connect to an Info Point?

How do I connect to an Info Point?

It’s really easy to connect to an InfoPoint, look out for the Info Point logo on interpretation signs around Catcott Complex Nature Reserve. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code on the sign. This will connect your phone to the Info Point wifi network.

After you’re connected to the network, open the following address in your browser.


IMPORTANT: You will be able to view the site ONLY if your phone is connected to the Info Point wifi network.

If you are visiting a hide you will be able connect to an Info Point by scanning the connection signs installed around the hides.
First scan a QR to connect to the Info Point network and then scan a second QR to connect the Info Point visitor content.

Help connecting to Info Point

Info Point Troubleshooting

Guidance on how to connect to an Info Point should you encounter issues with your phone.


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