Virtual Tours

Get exploring from your desktop or smart device
and escape into nature!


We’ve created a full StreetView tour of two of the reserves in the Avalon Marshes. You can access a virtual tour from the following buttons, the map will load and then select StreetView by clicking the StreetView icon in the lower right of the screen if viewing it on a computer, or the layers icon and selecting the StreetView map layer if viewing it on a phone/tablet. (TIP: press your screen to display the layers icon).

As well as viewing the virtual tours on your computer or smart phone/tablet you can also view them in a VR headset to access a fully immersive experience.

Click on a tile below to access a StreetView Virtual Tour for a reserve

Catcott Complex Nature Reserve
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Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve
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Visit one of the Birdwatching Hides

As well as taking a virtual walk around the nature reserves you can also explore the interiors of the many birdwatching hides across the area.

Virtual Hides Nature Reserves

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