Virtual Hides

Virtual Hides

Have you ever wondered what a location on the map really looks like? Well you can now! We have virtualised many key locations across the Avalon Marshes. You are able to view a location from your computer, phone or tablet. We’ve initially focused on creating a series virtual birdwatching hides across the Westhay Moor and Catcott Nature Reserves .

Click on an icon on a reserve map to access a virtual tour of a birdwatching hide. From there, you can view the interior and exterior of a hide before visiting it. Many of the hides provide a spectacular viewing platform for experiencing the wildlife and habitats of the Avalon Marshes.

Here’s an example (North Hide at Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve), why not make a visit? (Drag your cursor or finger to view the panorama)

‘Virtual hide’ experiences are available for these reserves:

Westhay Moor NNR
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Catcott Complex Nature Reserve
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Plan your visit and experience the Avalon Marshes

Get the most out a visit by by using our digital resources to familiarise yourself with a location before visiting.  Use them to revisit a location or use them to share a location with your friends.

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