Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Canoe launch / Sundew / Youg giril with bug in pot
SWHT / Guy Edwardes/2020VISION / AMLP Staff

As well as being a wonderful area to visit, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved behind the scenes in looking after, learning about and recording wildlife and heritage in the Avalon Marshes.


The conservation organisations of the RSPB, Somerset Wildlife Trust, Natural England, the Hawk & Owl Trust and the South West Heritage Trust have over 250 volunteers who regularly assist them with their conservation work.  To find out more about volunteering opportunities in the Avalon Marshes go to our Volunteering page.


The Avalon Marshes provides a rich source of learning opportunities that are being harnessed through a variety of workshops, activities and courses for schools, colleges, volunteers and the local community. Projects are delivered by the Avalon Marshes Partnership: RSPB, Natural England, South West Heritage Trust, Somerset Wildlife Trust, and the Hawk and Owl Trust. To find out more go to our Learning page.

Wildlife Recording

The Recording of wildlife found in the Avalon Marshes and wider Somerset Levels and Moors plays a vital part in its conservation. Without good records and an understanding of what is happening in the landscape informed decisions cannot be made. This is where you can help and at the same time improve your knowledge and meet a friendly bunch of like minded people.