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Monitoring equipment has been installed on Natural England’s Shapwick Heath NNR to keep a check on the condition of the Neolithic Sweet Track. Over recent months the section of the Sweet Track leading to Shapwick Burtle has been excavated to allow a plastic membrane to be laid over the track to help preserve moisture levels around the fragile wooden remains of this Scheduled Ancient Monument. The project is run by the South West Heritage Trust in partnership with Historic England, York Archaeological Trust and the National Museum of Denmark. Funding has been provided by the Heritage Lottery Funded Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership scheme.

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If you are wondering what Shapwick Burtle is you will notice a large and distinct hump in the road between Shapwick Moor and the Avalon Marshes Centre. This is a “burtle”, a sand bar left during the inter-glacial period when sea levels were much higher than today (we would add that this was a long time ago!).