Factsheets - Otter and landscape

These factsheets can be used at Key Stages 3 & 4, or to give you as a teacher more background information about the Avalon Marshes wetlands. They were created by the University of the West of England as part of the ‘Interpreting Landscape Change in the Avalon Marshes’ project. They were based on research into climate change in the wetlands.  The first 8 factsheets give a some key information about the wetlands, and help form an overview of important characteristics of the landscape. The full set of factsheets contains a further 12 factsheets, that disseminate messages from the research about possible future scenarios for climate change and socio-economic change in the wetlands.  The research report is also available.

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Eight separate factsheets with key information giving an overview:-


The Avalon Marshes What is Peat? Biodiversity
AM Factsheet (600x800) AM What is Peat Factsheet (600x800) AM Biodiversity Factsheet - (600x800)


Drought and Flood Water Levels Wetlands
AM Too Much Water Too Little Water Factsheet (600x800) AM Water Levels Factsheet (600x800) AM Wetlands Factsheet - (600x800)
Ecosystem Services Land Use
AM Ecosystem Services Factsheet (600x800) AM Land Use Factsheet (600x800) Blank sheet 600x800


Landscape and Climate Change:-

Full set of factsheets – 19 pages Research Report – 288 pages
AM Factsheets - Landscape and Climate Change_Page_01 Blank sheet 600x800